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Hello again! (a little update)

18 Aug

You may have noticed we haven’t been posting as much as usual. We took a momentary break during the month of June…that stretched into July…and then on into August. This break took us completely by surprise, so apologies for the lack of a heads up!  What have we been up to? Em has been busy balancing the incredibly busy summer months at her library and summer session of her grad program, while also taking time for family trips and out-of-town visitors, and co-hosting the incredibly fun youth radio show Bound By Books. Meanwhile, Alicia has been busy traveling and performing her hilarious feminist stand-up routine!  She even collaborated this summer with two of Em’s friends (now Alicia’s friends too!) on a stand-up program and gendertastic coloring book workshop. In her “spare time”, she is working on launching a live pop and gender talk show, coming Fall 2013 (get excited Chicago!).

Though we’ve given the blog a break, we haven’t fallen behind on our reading. We’ll be back shortly with reviews of all the fabulous books we have been reading this summer!

Please also check out our kid sister blog: This site is run by the greatest group of pre-teens and teens EVER. They host a weekly radio show (available for listening on their blog), compete in a book trivia battle each year, and read like nobody’s business.